We will resume in person service starting on October 25, 2020.

Will I be scanned for my temperature before entering?

  • Yes. Everyone, including serve team members and children, will be temperature scanned with a touchless thermometer before entering the building. If your temperature is 100.4 or higher, per the CDC recommendations, we will not allow entry into the building at this time.

Am I required to wear a mask?

  • As of July 3, 2020, in both the city and county of St. Louis, masks and face coverings are required in indoor and outdoor public settings where social distancing of 6 feet apart cannot be practiced, . This is effective for anyone over the age of 9 years old.  

Will food and coffee be provided?

  • At this time, we will not be providing any food or coffee during services. We will only have bottled water provided.

Can my child stay with me during service?

  • Your child will be able to stay with you during service if that is your preference.

Is the facility routinely cleaned and disinfected?

  • Yes. The building is cleaned and sanitized prior to service according to the CDC guidelines.

Can I socialize with people before and after service?

  • We highly recommend socializing with each other outside the building where social distancing can be practiced and maintained. Our goal is to do our best to make everyone feel comfortable.

Will there be hand sanitizer stations available?

Yes! There will be plenty of hand sanitizers available to keep those hands clean!

What if I forget my mask?

  • We will have a limited number of masks available on site in case you forget to bring one.

What if I am uncomfortable with hugs and handshakes?

  • You will be given a yellow sticker upon entry. You can place the sticker somewhere noticeable on your shirt to alert others to proceed with “caution” when approaching you. The yellow sticker allows others to know you are not comfortable with any hug or handshake.